will switching to organic wine stop me getting a hangover?

In short, if you and your best mate drink gallons of organic wine on a Wednesday night whilst having a D&M, the chances are, despite the wine being ‘organic’, you will still suffer from a horrendous hangover come Thursday morning.
Organic wine, put simply, is wine that has been cultivated without the interference of artificial or synthetic chemicals. Instead, farmers use natural means to regulate the vineyard and grow their grapes using the biodiversity of the land.
Many people believe that because organic wine is ‘preservative-free’ it doesn’t contain sulphur dioxide (‘SO2’ or ‘sulfites’) and so your hangover won’t be as bad. Unfortunately, this is not true. SO2 is added to wine, including organic wine, to act as long term preservation and prevents the wine from oxidising. SO2 is also produced naturally as a by-product of the fermentation process.
In the EU, the amount of SO2 allowed to be added to organic wine is limited to 100mg per litre for red wine (150mg/l limit for conventional non-organic red wine) and 150 mg/l for organic white/rose wine (200 mg/l limit for conventional white/rose wine).
So if you find that you react better to organic wine rather than conventional wine, it could be because you are allergic to SO2. The large majority of us however, have no reaction to sulfites.
Why is organic wine good for us then? Well anything that has less chemicals is probably going to do us more good than bad. You’ll probably find that organically grown grapes have a lot more flavour too as they are grown completely naturally. So surely great tasting grapes mean great tasting wine? Who cares about the hangover!
Why not find out just how great organic wine can taste and join Sip it for a night of organic wine tasting and food pairing. We are even offering 20% off all wines on the night too!

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