Shake up your Christmas party this year with ‘The Christmas experience’. An experience that you and your colleagues, friends or family will really remember (for all the right reasons).


At Sip it, our Christmas is wrapped up in a truly stylish way. It’s a triple experience with wine tasting, blind tasting and food pairing.

Our Guarantee:  No Christmas Carol Charades, no Christmas photo booth props and no blind Christmas tree wrapping.

  1. The Wine Tasting part

We will take you on a wine tasting journey of three truly magical wines.

Learn how to taste wine, identify different production methods and understand what wine pairs well with Christmas foods.

2. The Blind Tasting part

Three blind wines, and group competition. Can you use your sense of smell to match them with the right grape and wine description and bring your team to victory?


3. The Eating part

You can enjoy all of it with a gorgeous Christmas platter that will bring not only the wine’s alive but your taste buds too!

The Christmas Experience is perfect for large corporate events, team office parties, family gatherings or a get together with friends. It can be hosted at your own venue* and is great for engaging and interacting with one another in an entertaining way without being too cheesy, too forced or too pressured. And as always we will do it the Sip it way –  contemporary, stylish and fun.

*we can provide a venue in London for an extra cost

BOOKINGS NOW OPEN for groups of 12+ with prices as low as £35 per person.

Contact us now for further information and to book.