Sip it hosts a range of fun, stylish and informative private wine tasting experiences to suit you and your event – whether that be a birthday, dinner party, hen party or a gathering with friends or family.

A small example of experiences we offer are listed below and all include unique food pairings. However, Sip it can also work closely with you and your occasion to create a bespoke wine tasting experience.

  • Sip it proper posh – Let us introduce you to some of the most exquisite and sought after wines from top global producers.
  • Sip it on trend – This experience is an education into tasting the most fashionable wine flying off the shelves. Find out what’s new in the wine world and shaking up our consumer habits.
  • Sip it au natural – This experience is strictly raw! We will explore artesian wine made using only organic and biodynamic farming methods. This exciting au natural experience is kind not only to our palate but to our world too.
  • Britain vs the world – How does our very own English wine compare to the wine made in more established wine regions of the world? Well this experience will explore just that.
  • Grape on Grape – If you think you know your grapes, this experience might just surprise you. Compare specific grape varieties made in contrasting parts of the world and see if you can guess where the wine was made.

Wine tasting experiences are available for groups of 8 people and over. Prices start from £20 per person. Contact us now to talk wine.