We are very excited to announce a new series of exciting Wine Tasting Experiences hosted by Sip it in East and South East London.

As featured on Design my night’s Top 10 Wine nights in London.


2020 Events:

4th March – SOLD OUT

9th April – SOLD OUT

16th May

10th June

Hoxton – BUY TICKETS NOW – £40

Join us on this stylish, multi-sensory wine tasting experience at a cosy wine bar in London. A wine expert will take you on a fun and exciting tasting journey where you will pair and compare whilst listening to sweet soul sounds. All your senses will come alive as you work your way through 5 high quality wines from around the world. The relaxed and informative evening is based on comparisons and will not only include blind wine tastings to really test your taste buds, but each wine will be paired with carefully selected premium cheeses and artisan chocolates. Which pairing will you prefer?

In the company of fellow wine enthusiasts, through your interactive experience you will learn about your preference to wine, understand how wine and food really pair together and know what to order next time you are faced with a large wine menu.

It’s a tasty night not to be missed!

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