about us

We are a contemporary wine tasting company offering a range of exciting, stylish and informative wine tasting events and experiences.  

Our philosophy is simple.


our philosophy

sip it – the first sensation of the wine hitting your taste buds. You will probably be very thirsty at this point after having spent a while smelling the wine and identifying some key notes. This is where we join up the sensation of smell and taste.

taste it – this is the education part, we taste wine everyday (ok maybe not everyday!) but what do we really taste? How do we measure our taste with the systemic wine tasting approach? Can we seriously identify how the wine was made, the grapes that it was made with and even determine the region it was grown?…you just might by the time you try our blind tasting challenge.

enjoy it – every last drop! Life is too short to drink bad wine, we all have different taste buds so it’s about time you found out what really get’s yours excited. Enjoy it. There’s always the added element of food that we can include in your wine tasting to really enhance your tasting experience.

our tasting experiences

We have a range of wine tasting experiences to suit any event, party or occasion. We can also work with you to create your very own tailor made wine experience. Please take a look at our tasting page or contact us directly to find out more.